Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Audrey B Australia - fashion label for toddler

Here is a little background of Audrey B's line

It's always been my dream to work in fashion industry.. since I love everything about Fashion, accessories and especially handbags and shoes.

In 2007, we opened a baby boutique in Semarang, Jawa Tengah and ever since, I'm more involved into baby's fashion and accessories; turned out, baby is one of the biggest consumers in fashion industry and of course, I'm deeper in LOVE in fashion industry especially baby's fashion!!

Most of our fashion clothing is imported from United States, Australia, France and all of them are personally hand-picked by me ^^ 

In March 2010, we moved to a new place (a 2-storey store) and our concept is to bring a European atmosphere to our shop. Plus, a better range of clothing such as Gymboree, Crazy8, Oobi Australia, Next, Mudpie and many more

On 23 November 2009, I gave birth to a little girl called Audrey Ella Budiono and she inspires me to create a clothing line. After many months of searching and outsourcing, Audrey B is finally "come to life" in January 2011. 

 Our philosophy is that "You will definitely look good when you feel good with what you are wearing" 
Therefore, we are using only the BEST quality of materials;  100% imported cotton and personally-selected for your comforts. 

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